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Russell Jackson's SubCulture Dining Throws "Avenger Series"

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Chef Russell Jackson is always tauntingly evasive about the SubCulture Dining underground dinner club that predated his one-year-old restaurant Lafitte. Though the underground operation has been lying dormant for a while, earlier this month Jackson told The Feast to keep an eye on the countdown on its website. "I'd just monitor it, because you never know when things might start to change over there," he says. According to the clock, his "Avenger Series" will be launching in about 11 days. Jackson is totally mum on what said Avenger Series involves: "You never know."

One thing he will comment on, however, are the rumors that SubCulture will become a pop-up series at Lafitte. "First of all, I absolutely abhor the word 'pop-up.' It totally trivializes what people are doing," he goes on, "The separation between any underground goings on and Lafitte will always be church-and-state. It has to be." Meanwhile, for those who want to experience something interesting in the above-ground dining realm these days, Jackson says he's still doing Iberico tasting menus at Lafitte's chef's counter, "the plank." Just make sure you ask for it when booking the res.

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