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Bauer Says Dosa Valencia Almost Deserves Three Stars, Kauff Thinks Boxing Room Gets It, and More

Biggity Bauer goes back to his favorite of the two Dosa outposts, the newly revamped one on Valencia St., to check out the new digs and full liquor license. Now the "the Valencia location isn't far behind [the newer Fillmore St. location] in the looks department...[and] for the most part, the recent improvements to the original Dosa have made the experience even more pleasant without losing the character of the food. Under Raj, that food is moving toward three-star status." Final verdict: 2.5 stars. [Chron]

El Kauff tries 2-month old Cajun newcomer Boxing Room in Hayes Valley and decides "though Boxing Room's food doesn't always make that leap from good to Jesus-that's-good, Simoneaux cooks without cliché...Better yet, he respects the quality that makes Cajun and Creole food so good: time." [SF Weekly]

Reidinger wishes he could have dessert first at Bluestem Brasserie. He calls it "a kind of New American brasserie, with steakhouse-y overtones," where, sadly the charcuterie is served so cold "a certain creaminess is lost." In contrast to Bauer's prior verdict, Reidinger thinks "Canavan's main dishes are exercises in well-controlled forcefulness." Service's attention to water glasses is "slightly maniacal," but "Ormsby's desserts: well, they're worth the wait and all the water refills." [Guardian]

The Uber Unter goes to Locavore after she learns chef Jonathan Merritt used to cook at Portland's Pok Pok, "one of my favorite restaurants in the world." Not shockingly, "Merritt fulfills Locavore’s menu-declared philosophy of using the whole animal in delightful ways, especially duck." She goes on: "the main courses are the standout dishes...I don’t think there is a better cheeseburger in town," and one of her favorite dishes is the tofu. All told, Merritt "brings energy, high standards and originality to a neighborhood restaurant that now deserves citywide attention." [Examiner]

Last (and maybe least too), the Chron's third review this week was of Pleasanton's Ocean Bliss. "It's basically a no-nonsense establishment with paper lanterns and paper napkin dispensers. [Chef] Zhuang puts his money into his ingredients." And it's well worth it: 2 stars. [Chron]

[Photo: Eva Frye]


3215 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Boxing Room

399 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 Visit Website


995 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA

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