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Marina Dispatch: Reed & Greenough Rolls Out

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[Photo: Naseema Khan]

What you have here is a first look inside the Marina's brand new Reed & Greenough, which, believe it or not, used to be Gravity. Yes, this Gravity. Owner Paul Owens, who counts Tortilla Heights among his other possessions, recruited Kendal Agins of Agins Interiors to come up with the design shown above. All the drinking lures you'd expect are there: dartboards, two pool tables, that 20-foot shuffleboard table we mentioned last week, plus dramatic bottom-lit bookcases and everyone's favorite thirsty-maker, taxidermy.

Apparently, Agins scoured flea markets and antique stores for nine months to come up with all of this. On the libations front they're touting good cocktails, a new animal in this neck of the woods. Most drinks on the list are made with the clear spirits, favored by local denizens. Then there are lighting-fast beer-pouring taps, presumably favored by all living beings. Early thoughts on all of this are encouraged over the tip wires or, of course, below.

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