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Rock Bar Cometh to Bernal, Geology Fans Rejoice

Kevin Cline and Josephine White, The Front Porch duo, have taken over the current International Club space in Bernal. They'll call it Rock Bar, after the faux stone currently on the facade of the building. It also might have something to do with their heritage: White comes from a family of German miners, while Cline's family mined coal in West Virginia. So they like rocks. In keeping with said geological theme, Cline plans on acquiring geodes, legit mining equipment from his family, and a pool table made of slate to decorate the joint. Mental pictures aside, Cline said it will look nothing like Epcot Center.

Matt Durbin (Luna Park) will help Cline create the "tastefully raucous" beverage program. Expect old-time Southern cocktails- think Sazeracs and Juleps along with a small selection of rye whiskeys, rum, Bourbons, Louisiana spirits, and a house So-Co-like cordial made from peach pits. For more raucous, less tasteful, they'll have beer and a shot specials. Bar bites made at The Front Porch across the street will include Southern boiled peanuts, spicy popcorn, corn dogs, and Cajun hot links. For more substantial fare, The Front Porch will deliver their full menu. The space will close for remodeling October 1st with a hopeful October 15th opening date. The design details are evolving slowly, "like rocks." They're really trying to hit that theme home, aren't they? As the case usually is with these things, hit us with tips and we'll refill your details as they come in.

-Eva Frye

[Photo: Current International Cafe, Google Maps]

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Rock Bar

80 29th Street, , CA 94110 (415) 550-6664 Visit Website

Rock Bar

80 29th St, San Francisco, CA