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Slew of Shootings and Thefts Hits the Mission

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A few more details have come to light on the 22-year-old Hog & Rocks cook who was shot in the head outside the restaurant early Tuesday morning: "A witness who lives in the building above Hogs & Rocks said she heard two young men ask the cook if he was in a gang. 'No, no,' the cook responded. Then she heard two gunshots." The victim was taken to San Francisco General Hospital where he remains in critical condition. Hogs & Rocks’ owner David Esler says the restaurant will be back in business today after a brief closure. The suspects, described as "Hispanic men between 25 and 30 years old who were wearing dark clothing and hoodies," have not been found. Although crime is reportedly down in the area around Mission and 19th Streets where Hog & Rocks opened a little over a year ago, Mission Loc@l points out that this particular stretch of town has been troubled for decades.

In possibly related news, Mission Mission reports another shooting a few blocks away on 20th and Howard Hampshire Streets "two perps ran up on a kid and shot him around 11:30PM. [last night] He might be dead." Remember there was also a shooting early Saturday morning on the 600 block of Mission Street, and nearby purse thefts in bars continue to infiltrate the area. Awful news, all around. SF Appeal has action items for those who may know more about the shootings. [UPDATE: Chron reports the man shot outside Hog & Rocks, Gaspar Puch-tzek died at San Francisco General Hospital. He had two children and was working two jobs to support his family.]

· Hog & Rocks Cook Shot and Critically Wounded [Mission Loc@l]
· Shooting at 20th and Hampshire [Mission Mission]
· Purse/identity thefts at Mission bars continue [Mission Mission]
· Mission District Restaurant Closed Today After Employee Shot [SF Appeal]

[Photo: Mission Loc@l/Rachael Parker]

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