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Ayadi Pizza Promises Organic Pies, Belly Dancer

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About to hit the Wharf area—and the somewhat competitive nearby pizza scene—is Ayadi Pizza. Based on early signage, the joint is "family owned and operated." Pizza will be made in a brick wood oven by a pizza chef who survived the tutelage of this guy at the brand new, (esteemed?) Goodfellas Brick Oven Pizza School on Staten Island, NY. Proving they've got the local lingo down, Ayadi is billing its pizza as "organic," and also "unlike any other." The grand opening shin dig is planned for August 27th, and the Ayadis already have a belly dancer lined up for the affair. It should be noted that Middle Eastern-style revelry in a pizza joint does not necessarily mean there will be Middle Eastern-style pizza. Work it into future Wharf jaunts accordingly.

Ayadi Pizza

377 Bay St., San Francisco, CA