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B³ Becomes Winemakers' Speakeasy, Quince Bar Redo, More!

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REVAMPS - Insider sources have revealed that the King of Thai Noodle location at 184 O'Farrell St is "closed for renovations." See the temporary disarray at right. [EaterWire]

MULLIGANS - The curiously named ("B cubed") opened a little over a year ago, and now, according to GrubStreet, it's time for take two. Like others before them, the restaurant will morph into a pop-up venue and wine tasting facility, Winemakers' Speakeasy. The new deal shall be in place as of this Friday. [GrubStreet]

REVAMPS EXTRA - Michael and Lindsay Tusk have started an extensive-sounding bar remodel over at Quince. When it's done around November 1, there will be a whole new look and a whole new bar menu to boot. Amidst all this, Tusk has switched up his restaurant's overall dining format, offering two tasting menu options, available anywhere in the bar or dining room. [ISSF]

NOW OPEN EXTRA - Today Pascal Rigo's La Boulange opens at 222 Sutter, marking its first "downtown" cafe and its 10th overall. This particular branch will have a more fleshed-out selection of macarons and a more extensive menu than the others. There will be omelets on offer, for example. A second downtown location will be opening at 465 California later this year, and then, of course, La Boulange du Dome. [EaterWire]

NOW OPEN - An American candy shop called Rock Candy Snack Shop has been unleashed on Cortland Ave. The owner is "a younger, tattooed, 21st century urban mom who could potentially moonlight as the lead singer for a post-punk rockabilly band." She stocks the freshest of jelly beans. [Bernalwood]

King of Thai Noodle House

184 O'Farrell St, San Francisco, CA

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