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Chambers Eat + Drink's Owner Has Some Words For Bauer

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Over the weekend, Bauer The Great released his 2.5 star review for Chambers Eat + Drink, the sceney new restaurant designed by Mr. Important at the Phoneix Hotel. Although the rating isn't a bad one, and Bauer had his share of nice things to say about the restaurant, jabs were made. Among them: he said the farro salad caused his taste buds to "shut down," the burrata in the gnocchi "couldn't survive the avalanche of ingredients," and the burger's extreme height "defeats the purpose of a sandwich." Now, in a rare turn of events, Chambers' owner Sean Manchester writes in with a few words of defense.

"...while we're thrilled to get the 2.5 overall, we're obviously a little bummed about MB's commentary on some of the dishes. We're taking it in stride though, our guests response has been overwhelmingly complimentary on the majority of the menu - in fact many of the dishes called out are regularly singled out as favorites....especially the burger!
We were also a little surprised at how he described other items - adding ingredients that aren't on the dish (even though they were all fact checked) or the way in which our beers were portrayed - as common as possible - choosing to call out the Amstel and Budweiser but neglecting to mention the award winning Ale Smith Extra Pale, the "allocated" Speedway Stout or the popular Brothers Thelonious. The same holds true for the wine list, he refers to it having a "hefty markup" - we sell the Tami Nero d'Avolo for $44 a bottle. Bauer's favorite, Bar Agricole sells the same bottle for $79!

We realize that the review is just one persons snapshot - right down to the photos that the Chron took that night - they were during a private event for employees at the neighboring Federal Building. At the end of the day we feel the review, while predominately accurate was a little misleading. [sic]"

Have you been to Chambers Eat + Drink? Do you think Bauer's review was on point? Or, like Manchester says, was it "a little misleading?" Your thoughts on this and whatever else in the comments.

Behinds the bar at Chambers Eat + Drink: "Be Amazing" [Photo: Yelp/Jen H.]

Chambers Eat + Drink

601 Eddy Street, San Francisco, CA