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On La Oaxaqueña's Closure and El Tonayense's Eviction

To begin with, La Oaxaqueña has looked like this—closed—since late August. Yesterday the counter person at owner Harry Persaud's other business Papi's Fusion Deli, said they're "taking some time off" from running the Oaxacan restaurant to focus on the catering business. Although the same worker said Persaud "definitely plans to reopen soon," a date hasn't been set. And the phone line? Disconnected. What comes to mind immediately is the FDA's recent crackdown on La Oaxaqueña's hot-selling grasshopper tacos, and the financial issues it caused.

And for those who noticed the recent eviction notice up on the door at El Tonayense's HQ at 24th and Shotwell, not to worry. Owner Benjamin Santana says they're out of there because the landlord wanted them to stay in a month-to-month lease situation, but there was too much work that needed to be done to the space for them to commit so lightly. Santana is looking for another large taqueria space with a longer lease agreement. He's also no longer operating his truck at 22nd and Harrison Streets, but all other truck stops along Harrison remain operational. Remarkably, neither of these stories have anything to do with El Balazo's recent immigration law SNAFU or Taqueria Vallarta's raging problem with pigeon infestation. It's just happens to be a nutjob of a week in the taqueria world.

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La Oaxaqueña

2128 Mission St., San Francisco, CA