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Miss Pearl's Jam House Lets Bauer Down, Kauffman Had Better Meals At Outback than Old Clam House, More

Photo: Soul of America

Michaelicious Bauer has a mere 1.5 stars for his old fave Miss Pearl's Jam House. Under new
chef Eddie Blyden, "it's now Southern, with heavy leanings to New Orleans," but "between the alternating attentive and forgetful service and the missteps in execution," it's not a great experience. "If I didn't recognize the tropical-inspired decor, [it] would have seemed like a totally different restaurant than what I experienced a few years ago." [Chron]

Kauff tries the Old Clam House, remodeled and re-menued thanks to its new owners, the Dal Bozzo family of restaurateurs. The decor is now "a little shiny for its age but still charming," and the clams and mussels are "good," but "that's about it, as far as the high points go." He says, "the Dal Bozzos have turned a well-loved, if slightly decrepit, local place into Fisherman's Wharf South...I've eaten better at Outback Steak House, and for less money." [SF Weekly]

Unterman tries out Blue Barn because "two guys I know, a 27-year-old and a 40-something" tell her about it, and the place has her with the purse hook below the table. She has a "clean, elegant" grilled cheese sandwich, "each bite tasted complete" in the heirloom tomato salad, and "everything melded" in the Kickin’ Chicken sandwich. "Concept, inspired recipes and solid technique are all important, but Blue Barn’s ace is ingredients — truly fresh and whole." [Examiner]

Reidinger journeys to the Mission for Radish: "one of those small, slightly-off-the-beaten path, homemade-with-style places that have long made this city such an appealing place to eat." Don't be dismayed: "Luckily, the menu at Radish doesn't emphasize radishes...the food is a cheerful mélange that moves winningly between all-American and new American." [SFBG]


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Miss Pearl's Jam House

1 Broadway, Oakland, CA