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Korea's Humphry Slocombe Knock-Off

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Feel%20%2B%20Cole.jpgThis is cool and slightly odd. San Francisco expat Ho-June “Tristan” Choi has opened a Humphry Slocombe knock-off in Seoul called Fell + Cole. It's named after the intersection he lived at in San Francisco, and he even offers Jesus Juice and Szechuan strawberry sorbets, just like Humphry Slocombe does! Guess he asked them if it's ok? He does have some orignal stuff, like Hokey Porky, a candied bacon ice cream with hints of cinnamon, and something made from the Korean aoli apple. One thing though: his ingredients aren't 100% organic, just "as organic as possible." That totally wouldn't fly here. [Update: Sounds like they didn't talk with Humphry's people after all]. [CNN]

Humphry Slocombe

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