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Bouchon Bakery Resumes Partial Service, Paul Reidinger Exits Food Critic-dom, and More

DISASTER WIRE - Since Bouchon Bakery suffered a fire late last week, the Kellerverse has clearly mobilized in a big way to get things back up and running. Inside Scoop reports that, as of tomorrow, the retail side of the business will open daily, serving an abridged menu from 7 a.m. to noon. The fire damaged the bread oven, so there's no bread for now. Stay tuned for further developments. [ISSF]

TO CATCH A CRITIC - The San Francisco Bay Guardian's food critic Paul Reidinger has announced to the world that he's leaving his post of 10 years. In his rather lengthy exit essay, Reidinger goes into a bit of the method behind his madness. "Never was I an awarder of stars, nor, as I understood things, a recommender. The greater good is not served by everyone descending on the same place to write more or less the same thing, as quickly as possible. That is simply hype, and we are dying of hype. I meant to write about places others weren't writing about." His replacement has not yet been announced. [SFBG]

THE MISSION - In honor of the heat spell, Mission Pie has amped up its alternative power: "Solar powered pie, here we come!" [Twitter]

CHEF SHUFFLES - Rodrigo Da Silva, chef at Berkeley's Corso is leaving to return to his homeland, Brazil. Sous chefs Scott Eastman and Steve Walker will be promoted as co-chefs de cuisine. Da Silva says he's going to come back every once in a while to make charcuterie. Meanwhile, bar manager Nicholas Danielson will be totally redoing the bar program. [ISSF]

START-UPS - Two recent Stanford grads have a start-up cooking school aimed at bringing female immigrant cooks together with Americans who love food. Founder Abby Sturges describes Culture Kitchen: "Imagine if you could have a Thai grandmother, and a Ukranian grandmother and a Nicaraguan grandmonther and all these grandmothers from around the world that you've never had access to before." Class prices range between $40 to $60, and you can sign up for the next one here. [Fast Co]

No bread for now at Bouchon Bakery. [Photo: mydreambakery]

Bouchon Bakery

6528 Washington Street, Yountville, CA

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