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Waffles%20Biondivino.jpgBar Jules line cook Chris Bottorff is bringing his waffle iron to Biondivino (1415 Green Street) on Sunday to griddle up chocolate malted waffles ($7) and savory cheese waffles (also $7) from noon to three. Apparently he did this last month and it was so great that they're bringing him back. You can get them plain, or "smothered with fresh macerated strawberries and dollop of ovaltine whipped cream [sic]." Biondivino's Ceri Smith is on prosecco cordials ($5), the proper pairing for dolloped, smothered things, so we're told. [EaterWire]


1415 Green Street, , CA 94109 (415) 673-2320 Visit Website

Bar Jules

609 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA 94199 415 621 5482 Visit Website