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D-Patt, On Beets and Doing it the Hard Way

D-Patt%20Rose.jpgFresh off the "Planting Thoughts" symposium in Copenhagen, Daniel Patterson shares some deep thoughts with Eater National, and there's a lot of text devoted to his "beet rose" dish, a dish that made his staff look at him like "a nutcase" when he first proposed it: "The point is to do stuff that looks super, super simple but is ridiculously hard. If we do it right, it looks like any monkey could do it, but if we do it wrong, it's a complete disaster. It's a stupid way of cooking. If I had any brains whatsoever, I'd do something that looks really, really hard but is actually very simple to produce." Hang on to your tweezers. Eater National's got a video of the beet rose making process too. [-EN-]


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