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Harry Denton's Starlight Room Makeover

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[Photo: Naseema Khan]

Well that went quick. Harry Denton's Starlight Room reopened to the public last night, and as you can see from the gallery above the "new look" has kept the same overall feel intact. Inspired by the grandeur of Maxim's in Paris or "an opera house in Vienna," Dawson Designs teamed up with Harry to dig out the old red-and-white-striped look. New solid-crimson velvet booths were added. So were Axminster carpets from London, more crystal, Scalamandre damask wall paper, more gold, hand-rubbed silk drapery and new slabs of black terazzo glass on the d-floor.

Non-interior things were redone too. Alcademics can take you through Joel Teitelbaum's new drinks: the full menu and their historical significance. The food menu got a little update a la Jen Beisty from the hotel's Scala's Bistro downstairs. And Harry's back from a little refresh too. Apparently he's looking better than ever. Meanwhile, the ride to the top of the elevator to get to Starlight, and its 360 degree views of the city still haven't gotten old. Early reports, as always, here .

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