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Is Nudity on the Rise in Bay Area Restaurants and Cafes?

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San Francisco is no stranger to naked people. But when the naked people go into restaurants, that's where the law steps in, or at least Supervisor Scott Weiner does (come on now, this is serious). At this week's Board Meeting, Weiner raised a proposal "that would require clothing or another 'barrier' to be put down on public seats if nudists choose to sit there." Also, if naked people want to go into restaurants, they must cover their “genitals, buttocks” and “anal region.” The impending crack-down (stop it!) comes in response to rising complaints about naked men out-and-about, in general. The key take-away? If the new nudist law passes, people without clothes on who choose to sit on a public seat or enter a restaurant will be fined a lot and possibly taken to jail. Brrr.

In other nudie news, San Jose police are having trouble with some Vietnamese coffee shop lady workers who can't seem to keep their shirts and undergarments on. But Yelp and The Merc reveal that the topless "servers" at Quyen Cafe have been delighting bothering people for at least a few months now. Although three young ladies who work at Quyen were sent to court, the owners weren't cited. But officer Jose Garcia warns "that's not to say the city won't take action down the road." Sad times for naked people in restaurants and cafes across the land.

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The naked guys in the Castro know Orphan Andy's fine milkshakes are off limits. [Photo: Eater SF Flickr Pool/wickedfreshie]

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