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Top Chef's Casey Thompson Looks To Napa

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Casey%20Thompson.jpgTake a look at Eater Dallas' interview with Fort Worth-based chef Casey Thompson, who was sadly axed from Top Chef: All Stars earlier this year ("inedible" chicken feet). When she's not partnering with Walmart's bulk grocer Sam's Club, and exec cheffing it at the popular Brownstone Restaurant, Thompson reveals she has designs on starting up a "completely different concept: "We're looking at Napa Valley for a spot. It's just a temporary concept, looking at catering something toward the wine country." Hmmm, something temporary. Is it a pop-up? Is Wal-Mart involved? Because we're not so sure how that would go out here. So. Many. Questions. [Update: Our sibling site, Eater Dallas, updates its post with news that the Napa restaurant from Casey Thompson will, in fact, be permanent.] [Eater Dallas]