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Iso Rabins Does A La Carte, A Mission Beach Cafe Parklet

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COMING ATTRACTIONS - After a bit of a rough year last year, Forage SF's Iso Rabins is back with something new: a pop-up dinner with an la carte menu. A lot of favorites from The Wild Kitchen's past tasting menus (fresh parpadelle with nasturtium leaf pesto, porcini bisque) will be offered. Mark your calendars for January 20th and 21st and make reservations by emailing, or just show up. The dinners will be offered out of the former Florida Street Cafe (2010 Florida St.). [EaterWire]

PARKLET WIRE - Mission Mission finds out that Mission Beach Cafe is getting a parklet, which means the corner of Guerrero and 14th might explode one day during weekend brunch. [Mission Mission]

HOTTIES - Refinery 29 has dubbed The Mission's Four Barrel Coffee as "one of S.F.’s most stylish cafés," and they've got the skinny jeans to prove it. Check out their slideshow of 15 hipsteriffic coffee drinkers, not one wide leg pant-wearer among them. [R29]

CREPES - Now that Ti Couz has closed you may want to go down a FiDi alley and try Galette 88. They've got a real French owner in the house (Céline Guillon of Yield Wine Bar), Breton-style crêpes, and the aforementioned Four Barrel Coffee. Tasting Table says it's "as close to what you'd find in France as you're likely to discover on these shores." [Tasting Table]

TWINKIE WIRE - There's an outside chance Hostess' Twinkies might die of natural causes like bankruptcy, but apparently there are people that have been trying to kill Twinkies for years. Cakespy explains 51 dubious ways to do the deed, and although most of them are pretty stupid, the one where they shove a bunch of Teddy Grahams into a Twinkie is kind of fun to look at. [Cakespy]

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Mission Beach Cafe

198 Guerrero Street, , CA 94103 (415) 861-0198 Visit Website

The Wild Kitchen Pop-Up

2010 Florida St., San Francisco, CA