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Drip%20Coffee.jpgRight across the street from the Sunset's Sunrise Deli is a new coffee shop called Drip Coffee Bar that's been making lots of friends with ample freebies over the past few "soft-opening" days. The coffee on record here is local roaster Sightglass, and if Yelp is to be believed, they've got pastries from the same Sweet Things you'll find inside Laurel Heights' Cal-Mart, free wi-fi and "they're going to incorporate sandwiches and other food as time goes on." A reader adds, "Owners are really nice and it looks promising. Finally a non-chain coffee shop, and Sightglass coffee on this side of the city! Awesome." [EaterWire]

Sightglass Coffee

7051 Willoughby Avenue, , CA 90038 (323) 763-8588 Visit Website