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Blue Barn Will Descend Upon The Good People of Marin

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Photo: Partially from Reininga Corp. and San Francisco Days

As Sam Josi, Nate Valentine and Stryker Scales of Chestnut Street's Blue Barn continue to move forward on a new Polk Street location, they've already signed a lease for another Blue Barn in Corte Madera. The outpost will go into the 2200-square-foot former location of Brian's Market at Town Center Corte Madera, joining newish outposts of Ciao Bella, and Pacific Catch in the Center's new push towards housing more locally based businesses. Like the planned Blue Barn on Polk St., this Marin Blue Barn will allow for more of a sit-down environment with about 30 or so seats and nine or ten at a bar.

That's right, both the Polk Street and Corte Madera outposts will have wine bars, offering wine and beer on tap, along with a rotisserie for roasted chickens. Scales and Josi are both from Marin, so they're excited to add a North Bay business to their cache, and it should open around October. Polk Street will probably come later. [UPDATE: Valentine calls in to say that Polk Street may actually come sooner than Corte Madera, but the timing is still up in the air.]

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Blue Barn

341 Corte Madera Town Center, Corte Madera, CA