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Jon Darsky's Del Popolo Pizza Truck Fires Up in February

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The one that got away from Flour + Water is Jon Darsky, a very talented, very handsome pizzaiolo who said he was going off on his own to open a pizza restaurant one day. Now Tablehopper breaks news that he'll be coming back with a state-of-the-art mobile pizza truck called Del Popolo instead. It won't be the first mobile pizza vendor to take the Bay (Remember, Casey's Pizza Truck launched the city's first last year.) But Del Popolo is going to be different.

Oven%20on%20Truck.jpgIn contrast to Casey's gas-fired Marsal deck oven, it will have a 5000-pound Stefano Ferrara wood burning oven (pictured, left) sitting in a glass-enclosed exhibition kitchen on the vehicle. Instead of repurposing a taco truck or something similar, Darksy decided to deconstruct a transatlantic shipping container, then fix it to the frame of a truck for transportation. A feat of science: steel outriggers, industrial airbags, welding and 500 pound glass doors are some of the materials that McLellan Industries used to bring Darsky's idea to life over the past 18 months. Let's just say this puppy is going to stand out on the block. When Del Popolo rolls out in late February, you'll be able to purchase 12” thin Neapolitan-style pizzas for $10 to $12 depending on the toppings. Three options will be offered at any given time. There's no word yet on exactly where and when the truck will start serving, but it'll come out soon enough.

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