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Morimoto Napa Market Is No Longer

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The above menu has been axed.
The above menu has been axed.

About about 8 months ago Morimoto Napa added Morimoto Napa Market in the vestibule area, serving lunch seven days a week. The main draw here for tourists and regulars was they could get a piece of Morimoto on the days when lunch service wasn't available in the main dining room (Monday and Tuesday), and apparently there was an "awesome" banh mi rendition. Now Eater learns that the Market's chalkboards and tables were cleared out in the middle of December, and full lunch service was added, seven days a week. The hostess on duty today says demand was high enough for lunch in the dining room to warrant the change. As you can see here, the full lunch menu has much more to offer than the Market's old menu, with a raw bar, rice bowls, sushi and more. The only down side seems to be that certain items that were available at the Market have been terminated, namely the aforementioned "bahn mi" [sic].

"I've been totally digging their bahn mi (yes, that's how they spelled it) sandwiches for months...I checked in with the host at the rustic wooden table and she pointed out that they were now "fully open for lunch 7 days a week" ...So I ended up eating in the dining room, and the bahn mi sandwiches (angry chicken = sous vide chicken breast, FTW) are gone...Just thought you guys would like to know. Whenever I went to Morimoto Market it was always quieter than quiet, but man, those sandwiches were awesome."

Maybe if enough people request the banh mi, they'll bring it back?

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