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Bacchus Wine Bar Owner Plans 20 Spot for the Mission

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Yesterday the liquor license gods predicted something called 20 Spot would be going into the former Force of Habit (3565 20th Street) record store in the Mission, and today Eater caught up with the joint's future owner Bodhi Freedom who filled us in on the plan. Freedom has been sole proprietor at Russian Hill community fixture wine bar Bacchus (1954 Hyde St.) for 12 years now, and he's looking to cultivate a similar presence in the Mission neighborhood, albeit a larger one.

Like Bacchus, 20 Spot will have an eclectic, boundary-pushing wine cache, including several wines on tap, but it'll also offer a menu sourced from small local producers. Freedom is about to announce his future chef, a "super creative" young man who worked as a sous chef at one of the city's hottest restaurants for four years. Sous vide meatloaf, a locally sourced cheese plate, oysters "three ways," and crisp pork belly with winter root vegetables were all on the sample menu as of today.

Freedom and one of his craftier friends will be building out a wooden bar and tables to fill out the space. Colored blown glass light fixtures made in a friend's glass blowing studio in Mexico City will feature prominently. All told, the space will seat 10 at the bar, and 28 more divided amongst a small dining area and a lounge with couches and a gas fireplace. As of now Freedom says he and his partner Peter Goggin are at the mercy of the ABC, but the best case scenario is that 20 Spot will open in June.

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20 Spot

3565 20th St., San Francisco, CA 94110 415-624-3140

20 Spot

3565 20th Street, San Francisco, CA