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Ice Cream Bar's Menu: Chocolate Hellfire Soda, Anyone?

Photo: Paul Dyer

Ice Cream Bar is the Cole Valley soda fountain and ice cream shop we've been tracking for some time now, and it's finally ready to let 'er rip this Saturday. Just in time, owner Juliet Pries has passed on the menus, listing out drink throwbacks to the 1800s, an era where the town soda fountain was actually a pharmacy of sorts. If you've never heard of a phosphate, a lactart, or a panacea, well now it's time to drink one. Here's consulting mixologist Russell Davis' explanation of drinks from that era and—without further ado—the menu, full of frappes, malts, milkshakes, crushes, and some things you definitely haven't heard of.

The menu sidebar details the "library of [over 75] tinctures," house-made syrups and fountain syrups in flavors that range from the expected (vanilla and butterscotch) to the totally-out-there (candy cap mushroom and dill weed). In a few weeks this puppy will be taken to a whole new level when the menu of savory food, and a liquor license arrive. Facebook has everything else you need to know.

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The Ice Cream Bar

815 Cole Street, , CA 94117 (415) 742-4932 Visit Website

Ice Cream Bar

815 Cole St., San Francisco, CA