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Criolla's New Po' Boys, A Personal Note to Thomas Keller

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THE LUNCH BUNCH - Chef Randy Lewis started serving this extensive line up of po' boys for lunch today at Criolla (2295 Market St.). "The Rich' Boy" (stuffed with Wagyu, foie gras mayo, tomato confit and black truffle dressed mache) wins the prize for best name. [EaterWire]

DIVIS WIRE- The Four Barrel coffee/Josey Baker "toast bar" and cafe coming to Divisadero is still months away, but they have plans to sling coffee and toast out of a "waxed canvas tent" in the under-construction space in the next few weeks. As hipster as that sounds, co-owner Jeremy Tooker insists they're not going for that vibe: "I wanted the new space to open without that expectation. It's partially why I didn't name it Four Barrel." [SFoodie]

BERKELEY DISPATCH GrubStreet learns a Ligurian restaurant called Divino will enter the defunct Fellini at 1401 University Ave. The Facebook page has a preliminary menu, and Twitter will tell you when they're opening. [GrubStreet]

SWITCHEROOS - Mama Buzz will reopen as Telegraph, possibly as soon as Feb. 3. The art, coffee, and homemade crafty food from the former era will be similar, but the new owner promises "no more metal shows and drumming at one in the morning." [Oakland North via GrubStreet]

RESYWIRE - "I wrote a letter to Chef Keller, got a res for my honeymoon at French Laundry. Never underestimate the power of a personal note!" — A reader shares her strategy for scoring one of the eleven toughest reservations in the world. [Twitter via Eater National]
Food porn at Showdogs. [Photo: Yelp/Genevieve Y.]


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