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Kitchen Fire Maims Two Downtown Berkeley Restaurants

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Photo: Berkeleyside

A flue fire broke out last night after 9 p.m. between Razan’s Organic Kitchen and Great China Restaurant on Kittredge St. in downtown Berkeley. The Fire Dept. contained the flare-up by 9:45, and according to Berkeleyside, both restaurants were evacuated. Today Razan's general manager Sergio Rivas tells Eater they've got some damage in back and the Fire Dept. shut down the gas at their address. They'll spend time dealing with the situation today in the hopes of reopening tomorrow. Rivas said there was a lot more damage at Great China next door. Apparently, an explosion wiped out their entire kitchen. He suspects they'll be closed "for a long time." More confirmation on all fronts will be shared as we know it.

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Great China Restaurant

2115 Kittredge Street, Berkeley, CA