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Wherein Nojo's Stolen Tequila Trophy Returns via Mail

It's not every day that Shit People Steal has a happy ending. In fact, it's never happened. But today, chef Greg Dunmore writes in to break the losing streak. His stolen 7x7 Herradura tequila bottle trophy arrived minutes ago in Nojo's mail:

"can you believe that!? there was number on the box, which i called, but it was false weird! at least we have the etched bottle...[sic]"

The bottle is fully intact, indeed, but as you can see, it's been opened. Probably safer just to drink the consolation bottle 7x7 gave him last week. In related news, Nojo's missing table has not yet shown up in the mail.

Friends, Romans, restaurateurs, do tell us about the items that are stolen at your restaurant. Who knows how this might end?

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231 Franklin St., San Francisco, CA