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Gilberth’s Rotisserie & Grill Soft-Opens in Dogpatch

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Via Dogpatch Howler comes word of a new Pan-Latin restaurant called Gilberth’s Rotisserie & Grill (2427 3rd Street), soft-opening today in Dogpatch. The owners are Gilberth and Julia Cab, who run nearby Latin-infused businesses: Oralia's (2347 3rd St), and The New Spot (2347 3rd St). They're going for "something more formal" here with a sustainable focus on local purveyors such as I Love Blue Sea and Olivier's Butchery. The lunch and dinner menu will include influences from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Southern Mexico and Central and South America.

Beef heart skewers, Kobe beef chimichurri, mussels in tequila wine, and desserts by nearby Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous may be on the opening menu. Here is a picture of the namesake rotisserie chicken taken at a test dinner. Drink wise, they're offering house-infused soft drinks at the start, with wine and beer expected to come through in March. Tablehopper has the skinny on hours and seating. So, enticing? Early reports go here as always.

· Gilberth’s Rotisserie & Grill Soft Opening [Dogpatch Howler]

Gilberth's Rotisserie and Grill

2427 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA