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Food Poisoning and Burritos, But Not Together

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[Photo: San Francisco Days]

GOLDEN STATE — Today's frightening fun fact to be aware of: restaurants are not required by the city or state to report outbreaks of food poisoning. Delfina, for example had an unfortunate incident last month where two dozen people fell ill, probably from contaminated salad greens, and the Department of Public Health never found out about it. It's up to sickened diners or medical providers to report these cases to DPH. [Bay Citizen]

BURRITOVILLE — Jonathan Kauffman offers his version of the 10 best burritos in San Francisco right now, taking care to mention that flavor is the prime concern, all the way down to the grains of rice inside. Unsurprisingly, the Mission makes a prominent showing, but there are dark horse appearances from the Richmond (Gordo) and Glen Park (La Corneta). [SFoodie]

NORTH BEACH The resurrection of Original Joe's (601 Union St.) feels more real now that the neon sign has been hung. Opening day might be as soon as a few weeks away. [ISSF]

FREEBIE WIRE - On Wednesday Txoko (504 Broadway St.) will be offering free "bites," cocktails featuring St. George Spirits, and a live DJ from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. All you have to do is email to get on the list. [EaterWire]

DISH SPY - Tamara Palmer braves Ame's new cocktail with a blowfish fin floating in it. The drink costs $15 for 6 ounces. And the flavor? "comforting." [NBC]

La Corneta

2834 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA