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Week in Reviews

1833%20Reviewed.jpgRoad Trip Bauer is so amazed that Monterey's newly refurbished restaurant 1833 (500 Hartness) doesn't feel like a tourist trap, he gives it three stars. Chef Levi Mezick's "stylish American menu" includes "the best casual food in Monterey." There are "surprise element[s]" in the gnocchi and the iceberg salad, and a wood oven that puts out "a whole truffle chicken ($38) that rivals Zuni Cafe's." Desserts may "lack the finesse and refinement of what precedes them," and the service can seem touristy sometimes, but the overarching theme wins out: "1833 is a restaurant fueled by passion." [Chron]

Zuni Cafe

1658 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 Visit Website

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