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Levi's Plaza Gets A New Lunch Spot

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Photo: SFWeekly/Anna Roth

1255 Battery St, Levi's Plaza
Phone: (415) 249-0802
Status: Certified Open

The superlative-worthy Anna Roth gets the scoop on the newest addition to the barren Levi's Plaza lunch landscape: Parlor 1255, a "creamery and eatery" that, upon further Eater review, looks like it's the work of CIA-trained Bungalow 44 sous chef Kait Bauman. The space is suuuuuuper tiny; it's essentially a glass-encased lunch counter backed by a wall of Oregon barn wood with stenciled-on signage. According to Bauman, the same designer who did Coffee Bar in the FiDi is responsible for this design, and her dad, who is a contractor and has an office right across the plaza, did all of the construction. If you want somewhere to eat (other than, um, anywhere in Levi's Plaza), there are a few four-tops outside, plus an industrial-looking couch/coffee table combination, both with miniature locomotive wheels.

The menu has about a dozen sandwiches served on Acme bread (including a lobster roll with celery and lemon aioli, a Parmesan-crusted Gouda grilled cheese with poached figs, and a pork belly with cucumber kimchi and 4505 chicharones that Roth calls "super-satisfying, if a bit heavy"), four salads, six types of froyo (like dulce de leche, pumpkin, and Straus vanilla), and five smoothies. According to Bauman they don't have a hood (and likely won't), which means lots of sous vide-ing.

Also awesome: they're doing breakfast too, with "a menu of smoothies and breakfast sandwiches, including one featuring homemade bacon. Plus there's Sightglass coffee." [SFWeekly, Yelp, EaterWire]

Coffee Bar

1890 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 415 551 8100

Parlor 1255

1255 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA

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