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Mau Dismisses Chef Sante Salvoni

Over the weekend, chef Sante Salvoni confirmed a rumor that month-old Mau has already decided to go in a different direction. Unfortunately, that new direction does not involve him. The restaurant came onto the Valencia Street scene with a Southeast Asian theme, but as of Friday, tables have been covered up with plastic, as GrubStreet points out, and the restaurant was closed all weekend.

Salvoni elaborates that he was taken off guard by the decision made by the partners, and he doesn't want to create any drama. He's taking a break for a bit as he decides on a next move. Designer and remaining part-owner Annie Abbot informed Eater this morning that a statement about the new direction for the restaurant is coming very soon, so do stay tuned. [Update: Abbot writes to say that the restaurant will reopen on October 31st, and the menu will be "classic Vietnamese." Today and tomorrow, they are putting "finishing touches" into the space, and 1:AM gallery has completed a large mural on one of the walls. Abbot did not wish to provide comment about the departure of Salvoni.]

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665 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA