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Alexander's Fetes End Of Wagyu Ban With $100 Steaks

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A two-year embargo on pricey Wagyu, the champagne of beef, has recently been lifted; and Alexander's Steakhouse is stepping right in with a slew of the highest grade, full blood Japanese meat. Chef de cuisine Marc Zimmerman elaborates on the Japanese prefectures (Miyazaki, Ohmi, Gunma, Saga, and Kagoshima) exporting grade A5 Wagyu to the newly executive chef-less restaurant. "Five locations available are unheard of, [sic]" he adds. Alexander's is also carrying "Wagyu" (a.k.a. Kobe beef) from Australia and the U.S., selling all cuts in three ounce increments, so diners can try several Wagyus side-by-side—a Wagyu flight, if you will? Prices range from a $110 steak from Kogoshima to a $130 cow cut from Takara Ranch Omi, dubbed "the rarest of all exported Wagyu." The full menu follows.

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Alexander's Steakhouse

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