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Meet St. George's Spirits' New Neighbor: Faction Brewery

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 The hangar next to St. George's.
The hangar next to St. George's.
Photo: ThePointAtAlameda

Alameda's "Spirit's Alley" is about to get way more "Spirit"—8,000 barrels of beer-worth per year, to be exact. Monarch Street will be nabbing the beer-wine-liquor trifecta when Faction Brewing Company moves in next to St. George Spirits and Rock Wall Wine Co.. The new microbrewery will be unleashing pilsners, stouts, pale ales, IPAs and red beers—hopefully by spring 2013. Making this consumer-friendly, there will be a taproom and a store on-site. The brewery is owned by former Drake's and Triple Rock brewer Rodger Davis and his wife, Claudia.

The building occupies 32,500 square feet (pictured, above), and the owners have signed a five-year lease, with two five-year options to continue there. The city's Community Development Department is also being coy about other "confidential negotiations" with "another spirit use."

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Faction Brewing Company

2501 Monarch Street, Alameda, CA