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Hyde Street Bistro Is Now Cocotte Rotisserie

After a brief shutter and revamp, Hyde Street Bistro is no longer. The restaurant has reopened with the same owner, Sancerre native Mikael Audry, at the helm. It looks like everything has shifted focus from traditional upscale French fare to a more rustic, ''Provencal'' inspiration. Take a look at the new menu on the website.

Offerings include a whole skewered roast chicken sure to provoke a response from Monsieur Bauer. There are also several dishes cooked in the restaurant's namesake cocotte (which has two meanings), duck cassoulet, scallops with squid ink risotto and several sides, including the ever-popular brussels sprouts with bacon. Reservations can be made via OpenTable, and early reports on just how different it feels and tastes at 1521 Hyde Street are most encouraged in the tip jar .

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Cocotte French Rotisserie

1521 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA