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The Menu For Roku, Opening October 16

JapaCurry owner Jay Hamada is getting ready to unveil his first izakaya concept, Roku, on October 16th. The website, signage and decor are still coming together, but the soft-opening menu is dialed. On the beverage side of things, Hamada will be offering Sapporo on draft and large-size Asahi, along with a small selection of cold and hot sake, shochu, plum wine and traditional shochu mixed drinks in a plethora of fruity flavors. The menu is divided into the usual sections of the izakaya genre: appetizers, salads, boiled, deep-fried, grilled, yakitori, rice, noodles and dessert. Let's let the full early menu do the rest of the talking. And about that "soft-opening:" passers by may see some first meals happening this week.

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1819 Market Street, San Francisco, CA