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Bauer Gives Napa's The Thomas 2 Stars for "Good Intentions"

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[Photo: John Storey/The Chronicle]
The Chron's Michael Bauer recently reviewed The Thomas in Napa, and while his review is riddled with criticisms from "somewhat disappointing" food to "slipshod" service, the restaurant somehow came away with two stars. The atmosphere, with its "wonderful" roof deck and "electric vibe," garnered three stars from Bauer and seems to have made up for The Thomas' other lackings.

Bauer seems impressed by the "well crafted" wine list, as well as the "strong" spirit list and "creative" cocktails. Also worth noting is the restaurant's policy to waive corkage for any bottle of wine from 2002 or earlier. While he appreciates that there always seems to be help available to navigate the wine list, he laments that the staff's "exuberance can be annoying," and that details of service are often missed.

As for the food, Bauer has few straight-up recommendations--most of the dishes he mentions demonstrate problems in execution, from squash with "inedible skin" to sauces that "dominate everything." Brunch, however, seems to be a highlight, and The Thomas "serves a good hamburger." [Chronicle]

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The Thomas

813 Main St, Napa CA