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Let's Cupcake Liquifies Into Dessert Papa

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Dessert Papa. [Photo: Tamara Palmer]

Dessert Papa (2255 Judah) now stands in the former Let's Cupcake, an Outer Sunset cafe that opened in June 2011 with cupcakes, pastries, and coffee. The interior has been preserved but as of now the food options have been swapped for what's looking like a liquid diet.

Despite the Papa part of the name, there are sadly no cream puffs here so Beard Papa need not worry about copyright infringement. Coffee, milkshakes, fruit-based shakes and sodas, and at least a half-dozen variations on iced tea comprise the new menu. Fortunately, the snazzy cupcake mural on the outside of the building remains intact.

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Dessert Papa

2255 Judah, San Francisco, CA