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Mission Bowling Club Cooks For Lucky Peach TONIGHT

The kitchen crew at Mission Bowling Club has just passed on the menu for the Lucky Peach issue #5 release party tonight. $30 will buy you a copy of the new Chinatown-themed edition, booze, bowling and all of the food listed below.

Shrimp chips with XO guacamole
Dungeness crab rangoon w crème fraiche and salted plum sauce
Five spice beef terrine with preserved egg and water chestnut
Vodka battered general tsos wings
Spring Rolls (California Cuisine Style)
Tea-smoked eel poppers
Roast duck rice with cilantro and cracklins
Char siu tea sandwiches
Chrysanthemum stuffed tofu
Beijing creme pie

Tickets are still available here.

Mission Bowling Club

3176 17th Street, San Francisco, CA