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What Food & Wine's Dana Cowin Ate Yesterday In SF

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Food & Wine EIC/avid tweeter Dana Cowin did a whirlwind sweep through San Francisco and Wine Country yesterday, and it sounds like there were lots of revelations. She started the day with a pastrami scramble, "agressive" house smoked pastrami, chocolate babka and bialy at Wise Sons Deli. Then moved onto the rebel within at Craftsman and Wolves, which she dubs "the most brilliant pastry shop I've seen in years." Next up, the patio at Gloria Ferrer for prosecco and tapas. And come dinnertime, there's a bit of a SNAFU when "naked protests" hold up her dinner dates at Rich Table, but it's nothing crunchy sprouts, sardine chips, and abalone tagliatelle can't smooth over. Not to mention an egg-topped rabbit confit that makes her love dishes with egg again. Since everything went so well, expect all of these spots to appear in a 2013 issue of Food & Wine.

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Rich Table

199 Gough Street, , CA 94102 (415) 355-9085 Visit Website

Wise Sons Deli

3150 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 Visit Website