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Scenes From Knob Creek's Dinner Series at AQ

Stay tuned for more details on upcoming Knob Creek dinners.

Cozied away in the Cellar Room at this San Francisco gem, guests feasted on tender pork belly with Knob Creek bourbon fermented apples while sipping on the full-bodied taste of Knob Creek Single Barrel, savored sweet potato agnolotti paired with the spicy ripeness of Knob Creek's Rye Whiskey, and finished off the meal with a warming lash of Booker's bourbon, a small batch bourbon that left no one unprepared to face the chilly nighttime air.

It was all about the ABC's at AQ last week during Knob Creek's first West Coast bourbon tasting dinner. April Gallegos, Jim Beam's spirited distillery diplomat, gave all present a thorough primer on the non-negotiable standards of Knob Creek bourbon. "A" it must be made in America, "B" it must be aged in charred oak barrels and "C", it must be made with at least 51% corn to claim its rightful place in the hallowed halls of this distinctive brew.

[Photos: Aubrie Pick]

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