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Out The Door OUT, The Menu For Hakkasan

THE SHUTTER - If you've been up nights wondering when the Westfield edition of Out the Door was going to recover from that flood, it is time to break out the ZzzQuil. The space has come back as Flying Elephant, vendor of wooden elephants. [ISSF]

COMING ATTRACTIONS - Johnny Raglin is hosting a "who has the best mustache" (and beard) contest with whiskey-themed prizes on Nov. 28 at Comstock Saloon. Danger. [SFoodie]

STUFFING WIRE- SFist asked Thomas Keller and Sarah Rich of Rich Table for their stuffing recipes, and both chefs agreed to fork 'em over. You have to make cornbread before you can even get started on the Keller one though. [SFist]

HAKKASANWATCH - Inside Scoop passes on the menu for potential Cantonese firecracker, Hakkasan, and it looks like the prices aren't going to choke you like the New York outpost. Take a look at the full menu below, which tops out at a $49 lobster dish to be unleashed for real on Dec. 3. [ISSF]

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Gott's Roadside EAT sign. [Photo: Greatest Paka Photography]

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