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Details On Redford, Headed To The Ambassador Spot

After the swan song for The Ambassador this Thursday, the new owners at the address: Adam Snyder, Justin Roja, and Hugo Gamboa; will begin putting together the literal nuts and bolts of Redford, a "comfortable and user-friendly" American-themed bar. The first step is to completely blow out the front wall of the building you see above. Then they'll add in some extra skylights. Snyder says it's all part of a total overhaul, and although the design details are still coming together, they've already enlisted Parisa O'Connel and Clint Miller to create the new look. Their one big qualification is that the decor has a personality of its own. So don't expect the concrete industrial look, or any speakeasy references, here.

On the menus front, the cocktails will be "classic" and "approachable;" the wine list "won't be extravagant," and there will be ten beers on tap with around 20 to 30 available by the bottle. Snyder adds that a big differentiator will be their food program, as no other bars in the area offer anything significant in that realm.

Meanwhile, escrow has just begun on the same team's takeover of City Tavern. The direction is still coalescing here as well. In case you're curious about thier DBA of El Chuy: it's just a reference to Gamboa's dad, so any rumors about a Mexican concept are a bit premature.

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673 Geary, San Francisco, CA