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Oyster Crisis Ahead, Chefs' Favorite Bars

Drake's Bay Oyster Farm. [Photo: Flickr/joeywan]

OYSTERGATE — When Drakes Bay Oyster Co. closes due to federal refusal to renew the lease, it's going to take down 40% of the supply. Furthermore, local eateries including Hog Island Oyster Company explain that they've never been able to meet demand. [SFGate]

BOOZEWIRE — To conclude Eater Cocktail Week, 11 chefs from around the globe pick their favorite bars from around the world. Interplanetary results are not yet available. [Eater National]

POP-UPS — Michael Mauschbaugh of Sous Beurre Kitchen, who is working on his permanent restaurant space, cooks a five-course wild game bird dinner on December 1 at SF FoodLab (1106 Market). Tickets ($65) may be purchased here. [EaterWire]

LISTICLES — Sausalito's Sushi Ran (107 Caledonia) is singled out as one of the country's best sushi restaurants. No places in San Francisco proper made the cut. [Travel + Leisure]