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Details On James Syhabout's New Box And Bells, MORE

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OAKLAND DISPATCH - The new College Avenue project from chef James Syhabout will be called Box and Bells. The menu will include the kind of thing served for staff meal at Commis: country style pork terrine, fried chicken with raw oyster mayonaisse, and aged cote du bouef for two with fricasse of snails. Expect a slew of pop-ups at Hawker Fare leading into a January opening. [ISSF]

THE SHUTTER - The Mission's Om Shan Tea, a tea house and "wellness center," was forced to close due to "mounting debts." Also: the owner, Oshan Cook, was found guilty of distributing LSD and ecstasy, and will be sentenced to jail in a few months. [HuffPo]

RAMEN WIRE - Following two weeks of research in Japan, Kirimachi (450 Broadway) owner Leo Gondoputro has added a new Kuro Tonkotsu Ramen with black garlic to the menu. He says the garlic "provides additional depth without the greasiness of other Tonkotsu broths." [EaterWire]

BURGER WIRE - Ground beef handler James LaLonde is flipping $10 burgers on a portable stove every Tuesday at Mojo Bicycle Cafe in NoPa. According to the connoisseurs at Serious Eats it is so tender you can eat it without teeth. [Serious Eats]

Box & Bells

5912 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618 510-923-2000 Visit Website

Om Shan Tea

233 14th Street, San Francisco, CA

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