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Snapshots From 25 Lusk

Welcome to Eat Style, a recurring feature, proving its not just jeans-and-hoodie country out there—restaurant world street style, happening on a corner near you.

After featuring an eclectic crew of Nopa diners, Eater travels east for snap shots of fashion happening on the 25 Lusk dining room floor.

Marc.pngMarc Turnage

What do you do in life? HR for a large retailer

Where are you coming from this evening? I'm coming from home to meet a friend for drinks.

What brought you to 25 Lusk? It was my friend's idea. I've never been here before, but I'm always willing to try new places. Especially hip and trendy places.

What do you plan to order? First a cocktail.

What are you wearing? The jacket is from Zara. The jeans are All Saints, the shirt is Gap, shoes are Kenneth Cole, socks are from Banana Republic, the bracelet is D&G and the watch is Kenneth Cole.

How would you describe the style of SoMa?It's very hip and trendy, but it also depends on what part. It's really a melting pot. There's a mix of sports bars and trendy places like 25 Lusk.

lisa.pngLisa Wong

What do you do, LIsa? I'm an operations manager at a digitial marketing firm.

Where are you coming from tonight? From work.

What do you plan to order? They have really awesome drinks. You have to try their dark and stormy. We just came for drinks and might head to the Mission later for food, maybe Tacolicious.

Tell me about your outfit The blouse is H&M, the pants are from Zara, the boots are from Theory, the necklace is from Forever 21.

How would you describe the style of SoMa? Very hip.

chris%20liu.pngChris Liu

What's your occupation? I'm in banking.

What brought you to 25 Lusk? Just here to meet friends.

What will you be ordering? Probably a scotch on the rocks. We ate earlier.

What are you wearing? This is a Zara suit, an old-school tie, and the shirt is Express.

How would you describe SoMa style? Hip, kind of techy. Definitely not like this [points to his own outfit]. I work in the Financial District, so it's a bit different.

Sohee.pngSohee Lacey

What do you do Sohee? I'm a marketer at Clorox bleach.

What brings you to 25 Lusk?I'm having a girl's night out, catching up with a friend and we wanted a swanky place.

What did you order tonight? I had the lamb. It was delicious, with chanterelles and potatoes.

What are you wearing? The pants and blouse are J. Crew, the shoes are Aritzia.

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[Photo: Aubrie Pick]


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