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Michael Recchiuti Unleashes Chocolate Lab In Dogpatch

Take a gander: the signage is up for canine lover/chocolate maker Michael Recchiuti's Chocolate Lab in the Dogpatch, and his team of chocolate making elves will be ready to let 'er rip next Friday, November 16th. Actually, the menus include way more than chocolate. There are adult sundaes with Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous ice cream, savory cheesecake, tartines, charcuterie and many lunch-appropriate items offered "to go." The beer and wine license is still pending, as is the permit for outdoor seating, but the full menus will certainly be offered when this puppy cuts loose next week.

Meanwhile, next door retail entity Little Nib will sell boxed chocolates, Dogpatch honey grown on the Recchiuti's roof, dessert sauces and the Dogpatch line of chocolates. A selection of boxed pastries is in the works for 2013.

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Chocolate Lab

801 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA