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Deco Needs New Name, Gold Dust Resurrects

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The defunct Deco Lounge. [Photo: Flickr/clickfen]

SWITCHEROOS — The team behind Bender's (806 S. Van Ness) need a new name for the bar they're building in the former Deco Lounge (510 Larkin). There's currently a contest at Bender's to come up with the right moniker; the winner gets a free daily adult beverage until they die (or the bar closes). [Uptown Almanac]

FISHERMAN'S WHARF — The new location of Gold Dust Lounge (615 Jefferson) will hopefully open in mid-January. The current construction porn reveals little more than bones. [ISSF]

BAUERWIRE — After multiple and obvious (i.e. place card) sightings of Chronicle critic Michael Bauer at local restaurants, the Chowhounders are under debate as to whether it's time to give up the "charade" of the anonymous critic. In this Instagram era (of which Sir Bauer is a part), it's not too hard to piece together timelines of where he's going and when. [CHOW]

THE MISSION — Good news for avid whiskey drinkers at Hog & Rocks (3431 19th St.). Bottles of private barrel Elijah Craig 12 are available for individual sale; they keep your purchase there and you (and up to four of your friends who you designate in advance) can visit it until the last drop is gone. [Mission Mission]

Deco Lounge

510 Larkin, San Francisco, CA