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Scenes From Knob Creek's Dinner Series at Rich Table

Basil Hayden bourbon made a strong showing at dessert in both the bourbon caramel panna cotta and in the Derby Egg Nog—a Basil Hayden, mint and cream delight that would be perfect to serve at upcoming holiday celebrations.

Chefs Evan and Sarah Rich paired a sumptuous bourbon-infused menu with bartender Jason "Buffalo" LoGrasso's ingenious and delicious libations. The nuanced flavor of a Knob Creek Rye cream sauce over tagliatelle were mirrored in the Ravenna cocktail, and the star of the main course was Knob Creek Single Barrel, its caramel depths glazing a steak as well as headlining the cocktail which was underpinned with peach, Pimm's and ginger.

An homage to Kentucky, where Knob Creek Bourbon is distilled, highlighted the cocktail offerings at the year's final dinner celebrating this original small batch bourbon. In the cozy space at San Francisco's Rich Table, Knob Creek's Distillery Expert April Gallegos told the story of how Knob Creek has rightly come to be known as the standard bearer of this most American of spirits.