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Luisa Wire: Luisa's And Notte Are No Longer

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It's really happening. This good-bye placard went up last night on the sidewalk outside 1851 Union Street, announcing the end for Notte and attached restaurant Luisa's on Union Street. According to Eater informants, ruthlessly nutty landlord Luisa Hanson "has 10 days to move her belongings out (started on Dec.14th), and she'll use this coming week to do that."

Apparently, Ms. Hanson paid rent through December so she could close out the year at her restaurant, but she stopped paying for plumbing service, ordering food, and filling the beer taps in November. Luisa's/Notte will go down as one of the longest standing Luisa Hanson restaurants in all the annals of Luisa.

The new owner—who has plans of opening "a Puerto Rican place" at the address, and is probably in for some fun surprises—has also been by: "he mentioned his plans of remodeling the entire property January-March."

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Luisa's Restaurant/Notte Lounge

1851 Union Street, San Francisco, CA